Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk

Up to 3miles long (5km) this walkway and cycleway runs parallel to Riverside Drive, connecting between Discovery Point and Riverside Nature Park it also passes by the University Of Dundee Botanic Gardens. The route forms part of the National Cycle Network (route 77) and is also part of the Green Circular recreational route which encircles the City.

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Riverside Walk Guide


Riverside walks, Dundee

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Things to see on the route:

Discovery Point: explore the historic antarctic research vessel: RRS Discovery: http://www.rrsdiscovery.com/

Discovery Point Visitor Centre

Find out about the world record attempt for a seaplane flight

Riverside Seaplane Commemoration

See the Tay Rail Bridge and spot the remnants of the previous bridge which was lost in a storm in 1879

Tay Rail Bridge

Or follow the words written by Britain's worst poet: William McGonagall's poem: "Silvery Tay" - complete with his original spelling mistake

McGonagall's peom on Riverside Walk

Learn about the wildlife that makes the River Tay and estuary its home at Riverside Nature Park

Riverside Nature Park