Slessor Gardens Construction Images

This page charts the past construction works at Slessor Gardens. Please view the Slessor Gardens main page for current information.

(September 2016) The construction of a pavilion building nears completion, Designed by Kengo Kuma. (this building is to be removed in spring 2019)

Slessor Gardens Pavilion

(July 2016) The Queen and the Duke Of Edinburgh formally opened Slessor Gardens on the 6th of July. The fencing around the parkland has now been removed and is fully open for public access. Nine themed gardens around the perimeter of the parkland are also open. These themed gardens reflect Dundee's geography, global and local connections.

The Queen opening Slessor Gardens

Further development work is scheduled in the coming months and this will necessitate some temporary closures around the work areas but the main parkland will remain open. Future work includes the delivery of a sensory garden and the construction of a pavilion building.


(June 2016) Construction Work during June and early July will deliver nine of the pocket gardens and includes the laying of hedging around a number of the other plots. All of the hedging throughout Slessor Gardens is formed with Griselinia Littoralis broadleaf plants. Further detail of the themed elements including plant lists will be added to this website when construction work is complete in early July, Due to the ongoing construction activity it is not possible to access the garden plots at this time.

Dundee Urban Orchard planting at Slessor Gardens

Dundee voluntary group: Dundee Urban Orchard have assisted with the planting work.

Pocket Garden at Slessor Gardens

Slessor Gardens Pocket Garden Construction



(May 2016) Construction begins on the next phase of the Slessor Gardens development: This phase includes further pathwork and planting to establish nine of the 100 square-metre pocket gardens. The gardens to be planted at this time include all of the eight plots at the north end of Slessor Gardens and one to the southern side. Further pocket gardens are to be planted later in 2016. The turf temporarily grown at Slessor Gardens is currently being transplanted to other locations, including near the Commercial Street Drainage Pond and adjacent to site 12 where groundworks have recently been completed. Current works are expected to take approximately 6 weeks.

Slessor Gardens Pocket Park Construction


(April 2016) Discovery Walk opens - this series of plaques inlaid into the path surface celebrates the amazing variety of people who have contributed to science and society in many important and exciting ways - for more information see the Discovery Walk Page.

Discovery WalkDiscovery Walk Opens

Discovery Walk Opens

(February 2016) The Street and footway lighting around Slessor Gardens is completed and now ready for the roads and footways to open on 26 February 2016. The gardens will however remain fenced off to allow the grass and trees to become established.

Lighting at Slessor Gardens

(January 2016)

Tree Line at Slessor Gardens, Dundee Waterfront 

Slessor Gardens, East Side Slessor Gardens

(December 2015) 

Slessor Gardens Dundee

(October 2015) Turf now laid on the northern section

Slessor Gardens construction

(August 2015) Turf now laid onto the section facing Riverside Esplanade

Slessor Gardens

Dundee Waterfront

Slessor Gardens: Dundee Waterfront

Slessor Gardens under construction

Construction in progress at the Dundee Central Waterfront

(30 July 2015) Work around the edge of Slessor Gardens continues. Turf has been temporarily laid into the spaces on the east side prior to these areas being redeveloped for uses such as as show gardens, a play area and cafe in future. The laying of soil has now commenced in the central section adjacent to Thomson Avenue, whilst work continues to deliver the footways, hard landscaping and garden areas in the west.

Construction at Dundee Waterfront

Construction work at Dundee Central Waterfront

(1 July 2015) The laying of the hard landscaping around Slessor Gardens is continuing. The topsoil has now been laid over much of the southern area of the site and leveled in preparation for the installation of the grass.

Slessor Gardens ground preparation

(June 2015) The parkland is starting to take shape with the hard landscaping works extending from Riverside Esplanade forming the areas to be used for uses such as gardens and play areas.

Slessor Gardens under construction


(May 2015) work on the paved areas continues as well as the surfacing of South Castle street and South Crichton Street. Work has now commenced to install the footway alongside Thomson Avenue and on Earl Grey Place West.

Slessor Gardens Construction 28 May 2015

Slessor Gardens Construction at the Dundee Central Waterfront - 28 May 2015

(April 2015) Work continues on the construction of South Castle Street and South Crichton Street and associated parking areas. Construction has commenced on the footways within Slessor Gardens and all of the trees which will surround the lawn are now in place.


Footpaths within Slessor Gardens under construction

Trees at Slessor Gardens: Dundee Waterfront

Dundee Waterfront: South Castle Street Construction


(March 2015) The main central open space is now officially titled 'Slessor Gardens', the works to form the boundary footpaths are continuing and the new roads to either side (South Crichton Street and South Castle Street) are taking shape. All the underground works for utilities are now complete, with all the cables and pipes installed and buried.

Crichton Street South Construction: Dundee Waterfront

Castle Street South Construction: Dundee Waterfront