Site 5 Development Opportunity

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Site 5 is located to the west of the Slessor Gardens central open space and north of the new Railway Station.

Developments within this site are expected to be up to six storeys in height and include commercial/office space facing Thomson Avenue and the Railway Station. Residential uses are being promoted on upper floors overlooking South Crichton Street and Slessor Gardens with active ground floor uses below (Restaurants, cafe's and speciality shopping).

Site 5 measures approximately 5,940 square metres (63,937 sq.ft.). All vehicle servicing will be undertaken from a central courtyard, access to which shall be from Earl Grey Place West which lies to the south-east of the site.

To assist developers, a series of supporting documents are being produced which offer more detailed technical, design and planning guidance. These are:

Developers seeking further information should contact or use the form on the contact page

The site and its surrounding context can also be viewed by downloading the Dundee Waterfront Interactive Tour App for iPad and Android

Site 5 Dunde Waterfront

Site 5 Development Site

Site 5 at Dundee Waterfront

Site 5 Development Site



Site Context

Site 5 and 6 location map