Surface Water Drainage Systems

The drainage ("SUDS") pond located between South Commercial Street and the Development Opportunity at Site 17 became operational in 2017. This pond is designed to accommodate the road and development surface water during periods of high rainfall and discharge via an existing storm water outfall.

A surface water drainage system for the areas around the new Slessor Gardens and V&A Museum of Design was completed in 2010. this large below-ground storage tank next to the River Tay collects and holds surface water when tidal levels are too high to permit the water to discharge naturally into the river.

Central Waterfront Drainage Holding Tank Construction:

Surface Water holding Tank



South Commercial Street SUDS Construction:

(May 2017) - The Ducks have returned to the pond.

Ducks at Dundee Waterfront

Dundee Ducks



(October 2016)

Lighting at the Commercial Street Drainage Pond

(September 2016)

The pond was drained at the end of September 2016 to allow for the installation of lighting and electrical equipment. Although the SUDS water systems are fully functional, this final stage of the construction was rescheduled in order to avoid the need to drain the pond whilst in use by the Central Waterfront's first residents: a family of ducks.

During the summer of 2016 we are pleased to announce that nine ducklings were born at the pond: they have now departed the area, allowing contractors to return.

Commercial Street Drainage pond

Commercial Street Drainage Pond

(May 2016)

Commercial Street Drainage Pond

Commercial Street Drainage


(January 2016)

Dundee Waterfront Drainage System

(September 2015):


Site 17 drainage basin


(August 2015):

South Commercial Street Drainage System

(1 July 2015 ): construction of the SUDS pond continues with the site now completely excavated and the final elements of lining being put in place.

drainage scheme dundee waterfront

(1 June 2015): Works on the excavation and construction of the SUDS Pond to the west of site 17. Using a reinforced earth embankment construction and used to treat the run-off from the adjacent roads, when complete this will form a landscaped setting for the new buildings of Site 17.

Sustainable Drainage system installation at Dundee Waterfront

SUDS pond construction at Dundee Waterfront


(May 2015): Construction of the sustainable urban drainage pond which lies adjacent to South Commercial Street underway