Slessor Gardens

At the heart of the central waterfront area is a large avenue of open space. This comprises three elements: Slessor Gardens, The Caird Hall Civic Space and the soon to be constructed Waterfront Place.

Slessor Gardens:

The main central parkland area in the central waterfront is Slessor Gardens, 10,738sqm in size and designed to be a multi-functional space with capacity to host large events.

Slessor Gardens Gig Information

Slessor Gardens Events

Events at Slessor Gardens

Details of major upcoming events and the arrangements being put in place can be viewed on Dundee City Council's website at

Pocket Gardens: A number of small plots are located to the east and west sides of the central grassed area. Eleven of these plots have been completed and contain a series of themed gardens with others to be developed at a future date.

Of the eleven themed gardens that are now in place: One Garden is reflective of the geography and setting of Dundee; Four gardens are themed to reflect Dundee's historic global connections: The Baltic States, Caribbean, Asia and the Americas and a further four reflect key local connections and industries: The Natural Sciences, HealthFood Production and Literature. With the exception of the V&A Community Garden, the delivery of all these gardens has been undertaken by Dundee City Council with the assistance of local volunteers from the Bonnie Dundee and Dundee Urban Orchard community groups.

Discovery Walk: Also present at Slessor Garden is the Discovery Walk which celebrates the variety of people who have contributed to science and society in many important and exciting ways.

Natural Science themed garden at Slessor GardensAsian themed garden at Slessor Gardens

Literary garden at Slessor Gardens


Caird Hall Civic Space:

The multi-functional Caird Hall Civic Space has been completed and has already been used for a number of events: details of which can be viewed on the Caird Hall Civic Space page. When not required for events the area is available for use as a public car park.

Waterfront Place:

Adjacent to the River Tay is Waterfront Place. Extending to 5,415sqm. Currently retained for use as a construction assembly area, plans for that area are being advanced and are expected to be further developed during 2019 with a view to opening the space in 2021. For more details of the design please view the Waterfront Place page.


Slessor Gardens and surrounding context can also be viewed by downloading the Dundee Waterfront Interactive Tour App for iPad and Android





Construction Progress:

(July 2018)

A new pavilion building is constructed.

(September 2017)

The V&A Dundee Community Garden at the southern corner is formally opened

(August 2017)

A new sensory garden opens.

Sensory Garden

(May 2017)

Construction of a new garden - The V&A Dundee Community Garden at the southern corner has commenced.

(July 2016)

The Queen and the Duke Of Edinburgh formally opened Slessor Gardens and the nine themed gardens around the perimeter on the 6th of july.

The Queen opening Slessor Gardens

(May 2016) Construction of nine smaller pocket gardens commences, with voluntary assistance from community groups including Bonnie Dundee, Dundee Urban Orchard and local business Gardenscape. These themed gardens reflect Dundee's geography, global and local connections. 

Pocket Garden at Slessor Gardens

Slessor Gardens Pocket Garden Construction

(April 2016)

Discovery Walk opens - this series of plaques inlaid into the path surface celebrates the amazing variety of people who have contributed to science and society in many important and exciting ways - for more information see the Discovery Walk Page.

Discovery Walk Discovery Walk Opens

(February 2016)

The Street and footway lighting around Slessor Gardens are completed and opened for use on 26 February 2016. The gardens remained fenced off to allow the grass and trees to become established.

Lighting at Slessor Gardens

To view older images of the construction works at Slessor Gardens please follow this link


Location Map for Slessor Gardens, Central Open Space