Black Watch Parade

Black Watch Parade is a shared footpath and cycleway which lies on the shoreline of the River Tay. The route connects between the Tay Road Bridge and the V&A Dundee/Discovery Point and forms the route of the National Cycle Network (Route 77) and Dundee's recreational Green Circular Route. It also features on a historic Maritime Trail walking route.

Black Watch Parade will be subject to various construction works during 2018 and 2019 so please look out for diversions: These works are necessary for the construction of flood defences around the Tay Road Bridge; the construction of the V&A Dundee and Waterfront Place. Construction works at Site 12 will also affect to route at some point in the future


Construction Underway:

August 2018

Works at the Telford Beacon have now been completed. Work is continuing to complete the route alongside the water's edge to link to the new V&A Museum of Design and is expected to be complete soon

Telford Light Plaza

Black Wartch Parade under Construction

June / July 2018

landscaping and surfacing works are being undertaken around the Telford Beacon/ Tay Road Bridge landfall area to form the route; access to the bridge and complete the final section of the flood defence measures.

Work at the Tay Road Bridge

Construction Works at the Telford Light

Black Watch Parade

Black Watch Parade


The route continues eastwards from the Tay Bridge into the City Quay area. This offers access to the Apex City Quay Hotel, residential and office buildings as well as the attractions at the Frigate Unicorn and wakeboarding centre

Black Watch Parade