Slessor Gardens: Reflections On The Tay

Dundee City Council in partnership with Bonnie Dundee, designed this garden to reflect Dundee's most distinctive physical features.

The design incorporates elements representing the River Tay, the Bridges, The Law and surrounding Agriculture. Materials used include granite cubes which echo the 'cassies' (also known as stone setts or cobbles) which once formed the surface of most roads in the city. Native trees and biodiversity-friendly plants have been selected for sustainability and seasonal interest, along with friendly perennials - many home grown, for a splash of colour.

Local suppliers, labour and reclaimed materials were used in the implementation of the garden as well as bringing on board young apprentices. Bonnie Dundee is a volunteer organisation dedicated to helping improve the urban environment and will be the mainstay of the maintenance of this garden with support from Dundee City Council.

Green, Blue, Gold and Purple colours feature in the planting here as they correspond to the logo colours of Beautiful Scotland who are celebrating their 50th anniversary during 2016.

Bonnie Dundee also maintain a total of 56 planters throughout the city including the William Gardiner Garden - named after a botanist born in the Overgate area of Dundee in 1808. The delivery of this Reflections On The Tay garden was supported by the Tesco Bags Of Help grant scheme.

Dundee Themed Garden at Slessor Gardens

Planting in this garden includes:

  • Allium Purple Sensation / (Dutch Garlic Purple Sensation)
  • Artemesia schmidtiana Nana / (Dwarf Schmidt wormwood)
  • Astilbe Fanal (Astilbe Fanal)
  • Carex morrowii / (Morrow's Sedge)
  • Crocosmia Lucifer (Montbretia Lucifer)
  • Deschampsia cespitosa (Tufted Hair Grass)
  • Erica carnea (December Red (Winter Heath December Red)
  • Erica carnea Foxhollow / (Winter Heath Foxhollow)
  • Escallonia Donard Seedling (Escallonia Donard Seedling)
  • Euonymus Kewensis (Wintercreeper)
  • Festuca glauca Elijah Blue (Blue Fescue Grass)
  • Geranium Jolly Bee (Hardy Geranium Jolly Bee)
  • Ilex crenata Convexa (Convex-leaf Japanese holly)
  • Juniperus squamata Blue Carpet (Flaky Juniper 'Blue Carpet')
  • Narcissus Tete a Tete (Dwarf Daffodil)
  • Pachysandra terminalis Variegata (Variegated Japanese Spurge)
  • Philadelphus Belle Etoile  (Mock Orange 'Belle Etoile')
  • Pittosporum tenuifolium Tom Thumb (Tawhiwhi 'Tom Thumb')
  • Rubus Betty Ashburner (Ornamental Bramble)
  • Rubus idaeus Glen Doll (Raspberry Glen Doll)
  • Tulipa greigii Pinocchio (Greigii Tulip Pinocchio)
  • Viburnum davidii / (David Viburnum)
  • Malus hupehensis John Downie (Apple 'John Downie')
  • Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea ( Winter-Flowering Cherry 'Autumnalis Rosea')
  • Sorbus Joseph Rock (Mountain Ash 'Joseph Rock')