North Carr Lightship

The North Carr is Scotland's last surviving lightship. Once operated by the Northern Lighthouse Board it was stationed off the North Carr Rocks near Fife and remained in service until 1975. Now owned by the Taymara charity (Tay Maritime Action) the lightship is moored in Victoria Dock awaiting restoration.

North Carr Lightship

Help Needed: Funds are urgently needed to save this historic ship for future generations to enjoy. The lightship requires to be lifted from the water in order to undertake essential hull repairs and restoration of the paintwork. Persons or Companies willing to offer assistance and sponsorship should contact Taymara by emailing

North Carr Lightship Dundee

A Short History of the North Carr Lightship

The Lightship was built in 1933. 31 metres in length and 7.6 metres in beam (width) it weighs around 270 tons. Equipped with a light and foghorn as well as being painted bright red it warned shipping of the dangers of the North Carr Rocks which lie just off Fife Ness.

The most notable event in the North Carr's history took place on 8th December 1959 when the ship was the focus of a tragic rescue attempt. The vessel broke free of its moorings and started to drift when the anchor chain broke under the pressure of stormy seas. The Broughty Ferry Lifeboat (The Mona) was launched to the aid of the lightship but capsized on route with the loss of all eight lifeboatmen. A memorial to the lifeboat crew is mounted on the current lifeboat house in Broughty Ferry. The six man crew of the North Carr survived and the ship saved when an emergency anchor took hold only 900yards from the rocky shore at Kingsbarns. 

When retired from service in 1975 the ship was docked at Anstruther harbour where it was open as a visitor attraction before being moved to Dundee in 2002. The charity Taymara bought the vessel in 2010 to save it from the scrapyard and are seeking support for its restoration.

The vessel is currently closed to the public and tours of the vessel are by special arrangement only. Despite the efforts of the volunteers at Taymara the future of the vessel is at significant risk. In order to facilitate urgent repairs to the hull, the lightship must be lifted from the water.. Only when the hull work is complete can the full restoration of the exterior of the ship be progressed. Persons or Companies willing to offer assistance and sponsorship should contact Taymara by emailing