Central Waterfront


Central Waterfront

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City Centre Businesses, Financial Sector, Hospitality and Leisure.


£513 Million

Area Size

5.5 Hectares

Job Creation

4800 FTE


A unique Opportunity

The Central Waterfront is the focal point of the project which has involved the demolition of bridge ramps, roads and buildings, which previously separated the city centre from the waterfront.

In their place, a new grid iron street pattern, green civic space and attractive boulevards reconnects the city with the waterfront to produce a stunning space that features the award-winning V&A Dundee, a world class building opened in September 2018.

A unique Opportunity
A unique Opportunity

The V&A Dundee is the only design museum outside of London and is attracting visitor numbers in excess of 275,000 annually.

The rail station has been rebuilt and is now open to provide a modern arrival point with a 120 bed hotel above.

New hotels, commercial, leisure and residential outlets are required to support the expanding city and new development plots have been created.
Almost all of the Central Waterfront land is owned by Dundee City Council.