Hoarding Artworks

The temporary hoardings which surround the central waterfront development sites are being utilised as an art gallery:

past exhibits have included:

  • Expressions Of Eczema (October - December 2017)
  • The Corner (October - December 2017)
  • Red Sky - Dundee Photographic Survey (October - December 2017)
  • Sharing Not Hoarding: Notes On A Changing Place (October - November 2017)
  • Dundee Heritage Environment Trust and photographer Alan Richardson (November 2017 - January 2018)
  • Dundee Institute Of Architects (November 2017 - January 2018)

To express an interest in placing your artwork or photos in the Central Waterfront - please contact us


Expressions of Eczema

A photographic documentation of original artwork produced by four Scottish artists, Trevor Gordon, Josie Vallely, Gordon Douglas, Beverly Hood, and their journey to create this work in collaboration with eczema patients and researchers led by Professor Sara Brown at the University of Dundee and in partnership with ASCUS Art & Science.

Expressions Of Eczema at Dundee Waterfront

Sharing not Hoarding

Tracy McKenna and Edwin Jansen: Notes on a Changing Place

Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen, who live and work in Dundee, have combined drawing, photography and collage techniques to produce a series of posters offering an idiosyncratic view of Dundee and its continual reinvention. The work celebrates Dundee and its inhabitants by questioning preconceived ideas.

More information can be found on the Sharing not Hoarding website

Notes On a Changing Place

Red Sky – Dundee Photographic Survey 2017

This latest photographic exhibition from Red Sky is a preview of the images that will be donated to the city archives held at the Central Library in Dundee. This project is complement previous surveys of 1901 and 1991 to be completed 31 December 2017.

Red Sky Hoardings at Dundee Waterfront

The Corner

The Corner has been at the forefront of delivering innovative health information and peer led services to young people in Dundee for 21 years. To celebrate this milestone, the Corner has created a series of artworks to highlight the ground-breaking ethos and culture that has been created over these years.

Hoardings at Dundee Waterfront

Previous exhibits have included:

  • Dundee And The Waterfront :Four students studying masters in Fine Art: Art, Society and Publics at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design used the hoardings to collate responses from the public to the questions: what does regeneration mean to you? and, what does regeneration mean to the City? Project Facebook Page

 Thomson Avenue hoardings Thomson Avenue hoardings Thomson Avenue hoardings

  • City as Archive: Owen Daily depicted imagery of power, including naval history set against the experiences of young people in Dundee. Further Information can be found on Owen Daily's website

Thomson Avenue hoardings Thomson Avenue hoardings Thomson Avenue hoardings

  • Substance Of Things Unseen: Robert Orchardson based these works on Le Corbusier’s drawings to calculate the "golden section", but interrupted that to offer a potential that exists not in some unattainable utopia, but here and now.

Robert Orchardson Artwork at Dundee Waterfront

Further past works may be viewed on the Sharing not Hoarding website

An introduction to other artworks to be found in teh Waterfront can also be viewed here