Discovery Walk

"The adventure of discovery never ends"

Dundee has been home to an amazing variety of people who have contributed to science and society in many important and exciting ways.

Discovery Walk is situated at Slessor Gardens. The walk celebrates Dundee's gifts to the world given by the many extraordinary people who have lived and worked in the city. A series of plaques explaining the achievements are currently set into the walkway with more planned to be added at a later date. They honour the pioneering spirit of those whose scientific and social achievements have helped make Dundee and the wider world a better place. The plaques currently identify the following people:

  • D'Arcy Thompson
  • Geoffrey Dutton
  • James Alfred Ewing
  • James F Riley
  • Margaret Fairlie
  • Mary Ann Baxter
  • Mary Lily Walker
  • R D Low
  • Walter Spear & Peter Le Comber
  • George A Pirie,
  • George Lowden,
  • James Chalmers,
  • James Bowman Lindsay, and
  • Thomas Maclagan

A website by artist Suzanne Scott offers further information on Dundee's Discoveries and the design of the plaques. click here to view the website


Discovery Walk introduction plaque

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The first series of plaques were unveiled at an opening ceremony on Wednesday 6th April 2016 attended by the descendants of those named within the walk.

Opening of Discovery Walk Opening of Discovery Walk

Opening Of Discovery Walk




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