Site 17 Development Opportunity


Site 17 Development Opportunity


Situated between South Commercial Street and the Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa

Near to

Tay Road Bridge, Dock Street, Dundee Port

Size of Plot

3,560 square meters

Ideal for

Commercial, office, hospitality/exhibition, conference services


Site 17 Development Opportunity

Site 17 is situated between South Commercial Street and the Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa. To the north is Dundee Port, Customs House and Holiday Inn Express Dundee.

This site is considered suitable for developments of up to six storeys in height and ideally suited to commercial, office or hospitality/exhibition and conference services.

Separating the building from the Tay Road Bridge and South Commercial Street is an area of open space containing a pond which offers the building a high quality landscaped setting in an otherwise urban city centre environment. The pond forms part of a wider Sustainable Urban Drainage scheme. Vehicular access for servicing will be required to be achieved from the south-east.

Site 17 Development Opportunity

To assist developers, a series of supporting documents are being produced which offer more detailed technical, design and planning guidance. These are:

– Dundee Central Waterfront Masterplan
– Planning and Urban Design Framework
– Site 17 Development Brief
– Strategic Infrastructure Plan (available on request)
– Site 17 Infrastructure Information (available on request)
– Dundee Local Development Plan
– Community Benefit Agreements: During Construction
– Community Benefit Agreements: End User
– Community Benefit Agreements: Living Wage
– Active Ground Floor Development Guidance

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Useful Documents

Central waterfront Development Masterplan



Active Ground Floor Guidance




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