Two public access Automatic Defibrillators have been installed in the area: This equipment can make a real difference to a person suffering a heart attack and cardiac arrest.

These are located at:

  • Dundee Railway Station (outside the building: facing the taxi rank)
  • Slessor Gardens Pavilion (outside the building: facing the grass)

Automatic Defibrillator at Slessor Gardens Rail Station Emergency Defibrillator

To access the defibrillator:

  • call 999
  • Explain the situation calmly
  • Tell the operator where you are - the address is written on the case
  • The operator will give you a code to open the box

To use the defibrillator:

  • You Do Not need to be trained - the defibrillator will tell you what to do and take you through it step by step, just listen to the instructions which will begin when you open the box.