Slessor Gardens: Caribbean Connections

Dundee has exported materials to trading partners throughout the globe.

Records demonstrate as early as 1830 that ships were regularly bound for the Caribbean islands including Jamaica and Haiti - carrying with them a diverse range of cargo that included unusual items such as hard soap, nails, thread, twine and even rum, beer and ales.

This garden sits on the site of the former Earl Grey Dock which was infilled during the early 1960's to enable the construction of the Tay Road Bridge.

Caribbean Themed Garden at Slessor Gardens

The planting selected for this garden has sought to reflect the feel of a tropical garden within the limitations offered by the Scottish climate. Plants include:

  • Lonicera Tellmanniana (Tellmann's Honeysuckle)
  • Phormium Tenax (New Zealand Flax)
  • Photinia Red Robin (Christmas Berry "Red Robin")
  • Aucuba Crotonifolia (Spotted Laurel)
  • Cotinus Royal Purple (Royal Purple Smoke Tree)
  • Acanthus Spinosus (Armed Bear's Breech)
  • Pachsandra Green Carpet (Japanese Spurge Green Carpet)
  • Cosmos Chocolate

Caribbean Themed Garden at Slessor Gardens