Throughout the Waterfront area there are a large number of artworks and other interesting features to discover, including:


Slessor Gardens: Surrounding the large grassed area are a number of themed gardens which reflect important aspects of the Dundee area including food production, health research and scientific discoveries as well as international trading connections.

Also to be found here are:

  • Discovery Walk - celebrating the contributions to science and society by an amazing variety of people with Dundee connections
  • The Royal Arch - The location of the Royal Arch gateway was uncovered during construction of Slessor Gardens, as series of four Acer Royal Red trees have been planted where the columns were once situated and commemorative stonework can be seen inlaid into the footway.

Royal Arch Dundee Royal Arch Dundee


Development Site Hoardings - The temporary development site hoardings are currently in use for temporary poster projects:

 Thomson Avenue hoardings Art at Dundee waterfront

Further details may be viewed on the hoarding's page

Riverside Avenue:

  • V&A Hoardings Comic Strip: A giant comic strip illustrating the brilliance of design contains the construction site for the V&A Dundee The comic strip includes digital interactivity elements which can be accessed via a tablet or phone using the Waterfront App

Giant Comic Strip Dundee Giant Comic Strip Dundee

City Quay

  • Submariner's Memorial. Located at the north-eastern end of Victoria Dock.

Submariner's memorial at City Quay


  • Catalyst. resembling a car awaiting unveiling - this sculpture helps the environment by absorbing pollutants from the air

Catalyst Sculpture, Greenmarket