Travel By Road

If you're driving, you're carrying a little piece of Dundee around with you. Bet you didn't know that? You see in 1832, James Bowman Lindsay sent the first ever wireless radio broadcast from right here in Dundee, and now the humble radio features in nearly every car on the road.

If you thought Dundee was far away and difficult to reach, what if we were to tell you, you could drive from London to Dundee in less than eight and a half hours? Or from Manchester in five?

Dundee is easy to get to with some of the best roads in the UK making travel fast and efficient. And if you don't drive, then climb aboard the Mega Bus Gold, a luxury sleeper coach service running from London to Dundee daily.

Just remember to have your radio on!

For more information on the luxury sleeper coach visit

Plan your journey

Plan your journey by using the following websites:

AA Traffic News
AA Route Planner

Map showing 2 hour drive time distance from Dundee

Typical drive times:

  • Aberdeen: 1hr 30min
  • Glasgow: 1hr 50min
  • Edinburgh: 1hr 20min
  • London: 8hrs 30min
  • Manchester: 5hrs
  • Birmingham: 6hrs 20min



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