Getting Around Dundee

Dundee is a compact city with excellent transport facilities and ongoing investment in infrastructure:

On Foot: Dundee City Centre and the Central Waterfront are adjoining, with wide footways and pedestrianised areas.

By Car: Good road connections link directly to all the waterfront zones, with Seabraes accessed through the Central Waterfront. there are a wide range of parking options available - Visitor car parks are managed by Dundee City Council and private operators. Electric Car charging stations are being rolled out across the city and currently available at Gellatly Street and Greenmarket Car Parks

By Bike: Dundee sits on the National Cycle Network and North Sea Cycle Route - both of which extend through the waterfront along the shoreline. Dedicated cycle routes include the Green Circular cycleway which encircles the City and more local provision such as through the Seabraes zone. Cycle parking facilities already exist throughout the City Centre. More cycle facilities will be installed alongside new developments as they occur. A cycle map is available

By Bus: Dundee is accessed by long distance and local bus services - a dedicated website offers travel information :