Environment & Sustainability

Punching above its weight:

The Dundee Waterfront development is one of the most active regeneration projects in the UK. The Waterfront has a commitment to sustainability that will help developers meet corporate governance obligations while offering the benefit of lower whole life development costs.


Wildlife:riverside nature park

Dundee enjoys excellent environmental conditions. The River Tay is an internationally important special protection area, visitors include dolphins and the common seal as well as over 80 bird species including the bar-tailed godwit, greylag goose, sanderling and many more. Within the waterfront, dedicated space for wildlife includes an extensive wildlife corridor alongside the East Coast Railway and the Riverside Nature Park both within the Riverside Zone



Outdoor Space:central open space dundee waterfront

The Waterfront project is seeking to gain from the position of Dundee as the sunniest city in Scotland. Active street frontages including street cafes and restaurants are to bring life to the  streetscape whilst parkland (Slessor Gardens) extending to 10,738 sqm (115,583 sqft) will feature at the heart of the Central Waterfront. Further open space is to be established at the water’s edge (Waterfront Place)(5,415 sqm / 58,286sqft) and a civic space adjacent to the Caird Hall (2715sqm / 29,224sqft ). Collectively the new civic and recreational spaces within the central waterfront zone offer an area equivalent to more than 4 football pitches.



Transportation:cycling at dundee waterfront

The transportation network has been designed to be easily navigated by all modes of transport. Public transport provision has been considered from the earliest stage of roads design. A key aim of the project was to reconnect the city centre to the water’s edge for the benefit of pedestrians and cyclists. The National Cycle Route and North Sea Cycle Route pass through the area and improvements such as a bridge over the railway at Seabraes is offering additional permeability. Dundee’s Railway Station lies within the Central Waterfront zone and offers direct access to most of Scotland’s cities and beyond into England and London.

Dundee now has one of the largest numbers of electric vehicle taxis as well as a successful car club. Electric vehicle charging points exist in many public car parks and on-street locations.


Electric Car Charging Point in Dundee


Whilst acknowledging that Building Standards legislation is improving building performance, all buildings within the Waterfront are seeking to achieve the BREEAM (Building Research Established Environmental Assessment Method) sustainability standards rating of outstanding. The Dundee Waterfront will be the first such development in Scotland