Dundee Waterfront

City Quay | The Quay

Offices, leisure, residential, marina
£204 million
Development Area
10.5 hectares
Job Creation

City Quay lies to the immediate east of the Central Waterfront, occupying 12.5 hectares. 750 new homes and apartments and more than 20,000 square metres of commercial space, including almost 10,000 square metres of modern office space divided into two waterfront buildings - River Court and City Court - has been created in City Quay.

The Scottish Police's forensic science headquarters are located in City Court while a new business community is thriving in renovated historic jute warehouses. City Quay is also home to Frigate Unicorn -the World's last intact warship from the days of sail, one of the six oldest ships in the world and Scotland's only representative of the sailing navy. 

Further investment and development opportunities include the provision of support services for the adjacent Dundee Port activities, residential accommodation, hotel and the creation of a marina in a former dock positioned within this zone.




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