Dundee Waterfront


City Quay
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For over 130 years, the ClockTower has been a landmark, dominating the waterfront of the Port of Dundee. Built in 1877 so that its clock face was visible to any vessel alongside in the harbour or in the mouth of the Tay, the ClockTower provides unparalleled views across the City and the River. The ClockTower served as a huge warehouse, a cathedral of commerce, built to last in the stone and iron of the Victorian Age.

Arcing barrel vaulted ceilings and stout, cast iron pillars throughout bear witness to the craftsmanship and care that went into the building of this unique landmark. Today, Unicorn Property Group take pleasure in restoring this fabulous Category A Listed building, and creating 9 apartments and 3 double storey penthouses inside this monument to Dundee’s heritage. Modern design and luxurious finishes combine in The ClockTower to create one of Scotland’s most unique and exciting developments, enjoying stunning vistas over the City and the River.

Unicorn Property Group

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