Dundee Waterfront

Your Waterfront

The people of Dundee have been instrumental in enabling the waterfront project to progress. Without the forward thinking, ambitious attitude of the local people and the support of others in Scotland recognising Dundee's potential we would not be able to deliver it.

From providing garden waste for the nature park and helping to decide the winning design for the V&A at Dundee to your patience during building works and diversions, you are a critical part of this project. People will be at the heart of our new Waterfront.

The Dundee Waterfront team regularly engage with community group and associations  to update them on the progress of the development including:

  • Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce
  • DD One (City Centre Partnership)
  • Community Councils
  • Professional Institutes
  • Rotary & Round Table
  • Transport & Service Providers
  • Academia & Schools
  • Stakeholders
  • Other Local Authorities

The Big Picture

This is a big project and therefore the changes we are implementing will have a temporary impact from time to time on our city. We are doing our best to manage this but some disruption throughout this major project will be inevitable.

Please check the Dundee waterfront website regularly to keep informed of progress. You may also wish to use our mobile website or folllow our twitter account which will keep you informed of planned works, road changes and other details relating to the project:


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