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21 Feb 2013

YOUNG PEOPLE from all over Dundee will stake their claim in the city’s waterfront project this spring when new artwork is chosen for site hoardings.

Teams of senior pupils from three secondary schools will take part in a design project that will give them a taste of working in the creative industries.

Ken Guild leader of Dundee City Council said: “It is all very well people like me talking about the significance of the waterfront project and how it will transform Dundee as it progresses and when it is completed.

“But at that point it will belong to the Dundonians of tomorrow the young people now in our schools who we hope will be living, working and enjoying the facilities that it will offer.

“So it is vital that they are not only aware of what the project is all about, but take an active part in the scheme.”

The pupils’ challenge is to create artwork for new hoardings that will screen work around the railway station during the central waterfront redevelopment.

Teams of S5 and S6 pupils from St Paul’s Academy, Morgan Academy and Craigie High School will face a timeline and deadlines for the design project that replicate the demands and the pace of work in the industry.

Each team will have just over a month to produce their final design and a sub committee of the Waterfront board will judge the entries and submit a short-list to the full board. 

Every short-listed team will present its final design concept to a commissioning panel chaired by Dundee City Council’s chief executive, David Dorward.

Mirroring the situation in industry the participating schools will be expected to identify an account director, art director, designer and production/technical director.

Stewart Hunter convener of the council’s education committee added: “As well as experiencing the demands of working in the design industry and executing tasks alongside industry professionals the young people taking part will develop essential life skills like collaborative working, time management, decision making and presentation skills

“Taking part will give them an insight and knowledge about the processes involved in bringing a design concept to final completion, and create an experience they can take with them to college, university or on job applications.”

Leading Dundee-based design company Blue Square will act as mentors and contribute to the judging panel, as well as helping with the technical aspects of the final production of the winning design.

The successful design which will come from one of Craigie High School’s 5 Js, Morgan Academy’s Morgan’s Mojo or St Paul’s Academy’s Desperate Dans, will be chosen by the end of March.





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