Dundee Waterfront

Master Plan

In 1998, the Dundee Partnership decided to look at potential options for re-integrating the Central Waterfront with the City Centre. We wanted to think 30 years ahead with a Masterplan which aimed to realise the exceptional opportunity provided by the Central Waterfront and prepare a shared vision for the area that can create not only a distinctive identity and sense of place, but also provides a robust framework for investment & decision making.

An initial Consultants Report by EDAW in January 2000 identified a number of visionary development options for the Central Waterfront which;

  • Ranged from modest to more radical proposals
  • Were all capable of phased implementation over 30 years
  • Had identifiable core and optional components
  • Allowed the integration of the city centre grid with the waterfront
  • Maximised connectivity to all adjacent areas
  • Ameliorated the barrier effect of the road bridge and inner ring road
  • Built on the waterfront's current attributes and location

These options were then the subject of a wide consultation exercise involving a public exhibition and symposium in DCA, a community road show around Dundee and a joint seminar with the Dundee Civic Trust and the local branches of the relevant professional institutes. From this a consensus view emerged; in particular, there was general agreement that the Project needed to happen, on what it should contain and on its physical form.

Following a further consultation exercise with key parties during 2001, the Dundee Partnership approved a final Masterplan for the area and this document outlines its main components;

  • The extension of the city centre down to the waterfront
  • The creation of a new grid iron street pattern
  • Improved provision for walking, cycling and buses
  • The reduction of the effect of cars and parking
  • The removal of some of the Tay Road Bridge ramps
  • The creation of a pair of east/west tree lined boulevards
  • Provision of sites for a variety of mixed use developments
  • The formation of a major new civic space and re-opened dock
  • The provision of a new rail station and arrival square

The next important step is to ensure the successful implementation of the project. The Masterplan is now built into the review of the Dundee Local Plan which gives it formal status as a planning document. Cities Growth Fund money has been awarded to the project by the Scottish Government to assist with the infrastructure costs and a project partnership has been established between Dundee City Council and Scottish Enterprise to drive the project forward.

There is now real belief in the city that the creation of a quality new waterfront is possible; a window of opportunity is currently available and the Dundee Partnership is committed to taking action. There is public support in favour of the key principles and Dundee now intends to capitalise on this general consensus in order to realise its ambitions for one of the most forward thinking and important projects in the city.

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