Dundee Waterfront

Inward Investment

Dundee a thriving regional centre in the east of Scotland; a city with a diverse economy, wealth of new investment and impressive level of investment in infrastructure and public facilities. Expanding industry sectors include; life sciences, creative industries, renewables and customer services.

  • A strategic location with excellent communication links and all the facilities expected of a regional economic and employment centre with 630,000 within 1 hour;
  • A cost-effective location, with low cost of living and equally lower property and staff costs which compare favourably with communities in Scotland such as Edinburgh and Glasgow;
  • Qualifies for BPRA and RSA (Business Premises Renovation Allowance and Regional Selective Assistance
  • A strong labour pool, including graduate output from two key Scottish Universities based within the City and an extensive scientific community and skills base with strong industry links;
  • Dundee's businesses have access to the latest digital technology providing high-speed connectivity, guaranteeing unrivalled levels of access.
  • Strong retail and night life centre with highest Scottish student headcount per population, fuelling a diverse night time economy and supporting numerous shopping locations across the city.
  • An attractive lifestyle for staff and their families, with excellent housing, education and leisure amenities available in Dundee and the surrounding area.

Invest in Dundee Invest in Dundee A cost-effective location, with low property and staff costs compared to the other larger cities in Scotland. Locate Dundee Live/Visit in Dundee Live/Visit in Dundee Discovery is a word never far from one's lips when talking about Dundee today. It has always been a city full of life and endeavour. Locate Dundee Study in Dundee Study in Dundee Dundee is a campus city with both Universities and College all based in the city centre which is buzzing, compact and safe. Locate Dundee

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